The first semester of the English course in twelfth grade offered me the opportunity to create and work on my own blog that presents my best writing pieces and photos. I was enthusiastic about the assignment. I had the opportunity to write on different topics, some set up by the teacher, others created on my own. I found out more about my style in both analytical and creative writing. I understood my mistakes, and now I hope I have improved. Also I had the chance to meet with a junior in Kentucky and edit each other’s pieces. However, this was a really hard task since they were not as active as we were. Probably that was the only flow of the project, but I feel really proud of my work that I have created with enthusiasm. However, it was not just the writing and the duty… Now that I have completed the project, I can see what kind of person I really am. Every writing assignment or picture posted here shows a piece of me: a hobby, a belief that I have, something about my past, a precious memory… That is why I will not stop posting my writing and my pictures on the blog because it is like a folder, or a photo album that presents who I am. That is why I would show it to my new friends in order to get to know me better, and I will share it with my old friends so that they can recall the wonderful moments we have spent together. Just as my life goes on, my blog will compile my writing samples and pictures in order to learn from my mistakes and remember what I have lived through. Show must go on…

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Dreams and Memories of an ACS Senior

I am walking down the lane and I see the monument with the text “American College of Sofia Founded 1860”. Five years ago I saw it for the first time in my life. Now I am a senior in the college and I have countless memories in the school. However, each time I see the stone with the engraved letters I recall this first day of school five years ago.
It was a rainy day, and my mother and I walked onto the ACS’s campus excited and nervous about the new experience that was awaiting us. I did not know anyone; everything was new, unfamiliar and even scary. After the traditional 8th grade picture, the teachers led us to an unknown place. It turned out to be the stage of the auditorium. Even though I was embarrassed, I felt proud that everyone was congratulating us on our achievement to be accepted to the college. I was full of emotions that day. I was away from my hometown, from my friends, my relatives. The school, the city, the classmates, the classes, everything was so different. However, it was interesting, exciting. I wanted to show my best, to find new friends, to take every opportunity to have fun, learn something new, and do something interesting. Day by day I got used to the life of an ACS prep. It was an adventurous year that I really enjoyed and will never forget.
Now I am a senior, another special year is ahead. I have gained experience, knowledge, self-confidence. ACS taught me not only how to be an excellent student, but also how to be a good person that respects others. Even though I am more mature now, I still enter the college each morning with the same feelings I had in eighth grade: I think how I have to show my best because I had the luck to be accepted here so I had been given the chance to learn so much. I still miss my hometown and my friends and relatives, but I know I have to do well at school in order to make them proud of me. Most of all I have to do my best because of myself, because this is my chance to receive knowledge, experience, to learn how to manage my future life. That is why I look forward to my last year at ACS just as I had expected my first year of my high-school experience.
A year from now I will pass by the engraved monument for my last time as a student in ACS. I will be on my way out and a new beginning will be waiting at the gate. I will still be willing to show my best, but I will have everything that ACS taught me to. As I turn back to see my college for the last time, a tear will drop on my cheek. Nothing will be the same again. Afterwards I will look ahead again and will smile feeling proud that I’ve learnt how to overcome difficult moments, and happy that I’ve spent a lot of precious moments with wonderful people that I will never forget.

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