The first semester of the English course in twelfth grade offered me the opportunity to create and work on my own blog that presents my best writing pieces and photos. I was enthusiastic about the assignment. I had the opportunity to write on different topics, some set up by the teacher, others created on my own. I found out more about my style in both analytical and creative writing. I understood my mistakes, and now I hope I have improved. Also I had the chance to meet with a junior in Kentucky and edit each other’s pieces. However, this was a really hard task since they were not as active as we were. Probably that was the only flow of the project, but I feel really proud of my work that I have created with enthusiasm. However, it was not just the writing and the duty… Now that I have completed the project, I can see what kind of person I really am. Every writing assignment or picture posted here shows a piece of me: a hobby, a belief that I have, something about my past, a precious memory… That is why I will not stop posting my writing and my pictures on the blog because it is like a folder, or a photo album that presents who I am. That is why I would show it to my new friends in order to get to know me better, and I will share it with my old friends so that they can recall the wonderful moments we have spent together. Just as my life goes on, my blog will compile my writing samples and pictures in order to learn from my mistakes and remember what I have lived through. Show must go on…

Friday, October 30, 2009

Snowflakes of the Past

The brakes of the train whistled in the dark and quiet snowy night. Through the window Bojidara could see the sign “Pleven.” She was at home. That day her mother, her father, and she had gotten on the train to Pleven in order to celebrate her seventeenth birthday there. They hadn’t used the car because it had been snowing for about two days. Moreover, they had heard that their street was blocked. However, they were decisive about going back home for the important day.
The family descended from the train and stepped on the white, cold, but familiar ground. As they passed through the old train station the feeling of cold escalated. It seemed that the old edifice was the last place a man would want to be on a winter night; even the usual inhabitants of that place, the pigeons, couldn’t be seen… The ground was muddy, the stony walls were cold. Every shop had been closed with lights turned off. The wind was passing through the gates making the body shiver. However, as they passed through the exit the landscape was transformed as if with a magician’s wand.
The family was in a white, snowy fairy tale. The usual cars at the parking lot were missing, the taxis were quiet, even they were not able to offer their services to the passengers. It seemed that the snow had blocked everything. However, the family was not disappointed; they just decided to go home by foot. As they were walking, each of them looked around. The scenery was so different. The streets were white and no car was disturbing the quiet night. The street lamps were spilling light over the trees on the two sides of the main street. They weren’t the black skinny skeletons of the snowless winter anymore; they had become the white guards of the quiet night. As the family members were walking one after the other through the snowy tunnels, the white cover was crunching under their steps. Looking around they could hardly recognize the cars beneath the snow. The streets were lifeless, even in the center of the town people were not present. Only the shop windows and the lamps were lightening the night scenery. The snowflakes were glimmering like tiny diamonds spread around.
It took half an hour for the family to reach their apartment, but they did not feel the cold. The fairy tale they had entered as they reached the town made them feel warm, happy and excited. It had been a long time since the last day the town had been paralyzed by the snowy weather. But was Pleven really sleeping? In fact, it was a time for freedom of mind and emotions. People were not concerned about their work or doing their duties, they had time to stop for a while, look at the white landscape around them and think about childhood. They could live through the magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays: to be together with the family in the warm living room around the fireplace drinking tea and watching through the window the snowflakes playing around. Those were the thoughts of the family when they reached their house.
As the father turned the key and unlocked the front door, the three of them entered the hall, turned on the lights and saw the Christmas decorations that were still handing down on the walls in the rooms. They could feel the pleasant aroma of the Christmas tree that was still standing next to the window in the living room. They were at home. Tired, but relieved that they reached home, they went to bed. Dara was excited about her upcoming birthday. She had the feeling that it was only the beginning of the fairy tale.
The following morning she woke up early, enthusiastic about her birthday. She got ready and went out for her party with friends. At noon she was waiting at the central square in front of the municipality. As usual, it took them 20 minutes to gather together. After the usual warm hugs and funny greetings, the group walked to Tempo, the pizza restaurant right next to the court. After having lunch, taking pictures and looking at all the presents, the group went out for a walk in the center. They entered a café and sat on the table right next to the bar. They ordered hot chocolate, tea or coffee in order to make themselves warm. The friends talked about their memories from previous years when they were together every day. As always the memories made them laugh. All the childish mistakes made them smile at each other. After a two-hour talk it was time to go home.
As they reached the square in front of the building of the United Bulgarian Bank half of the friends said “goodbye” and she was left with those who lived in her neighborhood: Chris and Christian. The three of them passed through the Town Garden on their way home. The roller coasters were all covered with a white blanket of snow. Usually full of children, this park was quiet and calm. Some people were in a rush to finish their duties and come back to their warm homes. However, the three friends wanted to have more fun. As they were talking about the last days of their vacation, Chris took the birthday presents from Dara. While she was wondering what was going on Christian pushed her in the snow. Then he started covering her with it. They finally had succeeded to do the traditional “Snowy Bear” game. Chris also joined them. The three adolescents had turned into kids. After five minutes of play in the snow they decided to go home. While walking and laughing at what had just happened in the park they started feeling their hands getting cold. All their clothes were wet, their cheeks and fingers were red, but their smiles were still on their faces. It had been a wonderful day, another precious memory that would keep them laughing in the years to come.
The following day the family took a taxi to the train station. While they were traveling through Pleven’s streets, Dara thought of her life in her hometown, everything was calm, she was happy. She saw the snow that was melting, and thought how her childhood had passed away so fast. She could see herself doing usual but so pleasant things at familiar places in the town with her friends and relatives. All memories of her early years were there. That seemed to be too far away, but she always smiled while recalling all those moments that she kept deeply in her heart.
Suddenly the train whistled, it was time to go…away…back to reality.

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