The first semester of the English course in twelfth grade offered me the opportunity to create and work on my own blog that presents my best writing pieces and photos. I was enthusiastic about the assignment. I had the opportunity to write on different topics, some set up by the teacher, others created on my own. I found out more about my style in both analytical and creative writing. I understood my mistakes, and now I hope I have improved. Also I had the chance to meet with a junior in Kentucky and edit each other’s pieces. However, this was a really hard task since they were not as active as we were. Probably that was the only flow of the project, but I feel really proud of my work that I have created with enthusiasm. However, it was not just the writing and the duty… Now that I have completed the project, I can see what kind of person I really am. Every writing assignment or picture posted here shows a piece of me: a hobby, a belief that I have, something about my past, a precious memory… That is why I will not stop posting my writing and my pictures on the blog because it is like a folder, or a photo album that presents who I am. That is why I would show it to my new friends in order to get to know me better, and I will share it with my old friends so that they can recall the wonderful moments we have spent together. Just as my life goes on, my blog will compile my writing samples and pictures in order to learn from my mistakes and remember what I have lived through. Show must go on…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Travel Guide to Paris: A City that Inspires Love

I love traveling. My two favorite places, from the cities I have visited so far, both begin with the letter “P” as in pleasant, pretty, peaceful, positive, and perfect places to be. One of them is my hometown, Pleven, and the other is … Paris.
I’ve been to France’s capital two times in my life. However, I feel it is not enough. This city is a colorful mosaic of tradition and modernity, history and future, natural and architectural sights. Paris offers amazing museums and cathedrals as Louver, Notre Dame de Paris, Sacre Coeur. One of the symbols of Paris is the Triumphal Arch that is in the center of the crossing of five major boulevards in the France’s capital. An amazing fact about Paris’s architecture is that each street has its own balcony ornamentation and in the central part of the city there are no skyscrapers. However, there are examples of modern buildings in La Defense suburb. There are also amusement places as Disney Land and Moulin Rouge. All these tourism sights offer information about French history, faith, traditions, and culture.
However, the climax of a trip in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This architectural miracle is the most breathtaking place in the French capital. I’ve stood below the gigantic tower twice, but each time it was incredible. It’s a feeling that many writers and poets have tried to describe, but it is unique and hard to retell. The first time I was speechless, this architectural achievement makes person think that he is infinitesimal compared to that high tower. However, the tower also reveals that human mind can create miracles. Standing below the Eiffel tower was like a dream come true… The second time another wish of mine was fulfilled, I saw the Eiffel Tower at night sparkling as a Christmas tree. I could not stop taking pictures, but none of them represented the real event that I had the pleasure to experience. It is not surprising that after seeing the symbol of Paris, I couldn’t stop searching for it. Every moment I spent in Paris, I wanted to take pictures of the Tower from many angles, so that I can grasp its beauty and magnificence. Simply said I fell in love with Eiffel’s piece of art and architecture.
The river Seine runs along a city that is home of great architectural, historical, cultural, modern, and amusement places. Paris constantly changes and still preserves its own unique style, and that is why tourists love visiting the capital of France – a place that everyone can fall in love with.


  1. This is a very well-written essay, it’s informative, entertaining and easy to read. You have chosen an interesting topic and have done a good job in expressing your opinion and feelings connected to your experience. I like the way you have built your descriptions, with many expressive adjectives. There isn’t much to criticize in your essay, but in my opinion you could improve it by adding some more details about the time you spent there. You could describe some activities you did, people you met, interesting facts you learned. This way, the essay would become more interesting and the reader would get a more clear understanding of why you love Paris so much. Other than that, the essay is perfect.

  2. Elena,
    I felt the same way - always looking for the tower from around the city. It was almost more fun to see it from strange places than up close. If you want, you can see the pictures I took at my blog -

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